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The holidays are here, and a few people have asked about gifts for the family.

First of all: we’re doing really well. We had some difficult moments throughout 2017, but we have a massive and strong support network, and we’ll be fine. In previous years, thanks to un/underemployment, we asked for donations to our son’s school fund. But we don’t need that anymore. If you’re the donating type, we’d instead ask you to consider donating money directly to his school. They use it wisely, and offer tuition assistance for families in need.

You can also purchase from Amazon this holiday season through the school’s Amazon Smile storefront or at Barnes & Noble (online or in person) with the bookfair ID 12258281. Do your Christmas shopping as normal, and the school will get a percentage for referring you. It helps out a lot.

That being said, everyone in our family maintains some wishlists on various sites where we keep track of the material goods that catch our fancy throughout the year.

  1. My Amazon wishlist is almost always up-to-date with games, books, and various gadgets, and I’m pretty active on Pinterest. The main pinboard you’re looking for is this one right here.
  2. Natania updated her Amazon wishlist, too. She has lots of stuff on Pinterest: jewelry ideas, clothing, quotes, and general gift ideas
  3. Liam has an Amazon wishlist, too. He loves cars, but has plenty of Matchbox/Hot Wheels. So maybe don’t get him any more of those?
  4. Elodie has an Amazon wishlist, too, and Natania has a pinboard with some cute ideas. For what it’s worth, she’s still into princesses and superheroes (Supergirl, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman, mostly).

And please, please, please! Don’t be afraid to surprise us! We love gifts from the heart, or cards, or notes, or emails, or you stopping by during the holidays for tea and coffee and a few moments of friendship!

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