Hello. I’m Michael Harrison. How do you do?

I live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I am a husband, father, writer, developer, web analyst, gaming geek, sf geek, comic book geek, music geek, movie geek, beer geek… I guess I’m just an all-around geek.

I am a contributor to the GeekDad blog, where I usually write about tabletop games. Here are all my posts, if you’re interested.

At home, I chase after my son, Liam, and my daughter, Elodie, and try to be as helpful as possible to my wonderful wife, novelist Natania Barron, who writes really awesome steampunk and sf stories. Her latest novella, Wothwood, is for sale at Amazon. If you want to read my (absolutely biased) review, I posted it at Goodreads.

For more information, check me out on Twitter. You can also head over to my about.me page here for more info.