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  • Mint Transaction Rules Are Horrible

    Mint Transaction Rules Are Horrible

    The free online transaction tracking tool is really convenient, but Mint Transaction Rules leave a lot to be desired. Here’s how they could be better.

  • Better Buffer

    Better Buffer

    I’ve decided, after using a lot of tools out there, that Buffer is the social media management app that works best for my personal use. It’s lightweight, it has an easy workflow, and it doesn’t seem to get penalized by Facebook’s algorithm the way Klout does. But that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. For one thing,…

  • Passpack Disses Internet Explorer

    Passpack disses Internet Explorer.

  • Great Design

    Nice, simple, one page. Memo Graphic Design Firm

  • CAPTCHA, or Did I?

    As previously noted, I spent a good deal of time on Friday and Saturday, updating the blog to MT4. I’m a fan of the interface updates, and it’s nice that comment spam is actually getting rated down again, but I’m still amazed at the number of spam messages that funnel through my site. Between when…

  • Upgrade and Comment Spam

    I’ve upgraded to Movable Type 4.1. I contemplated migrating to WordPress, but decided that the transition was a little too much for a Friday night. The upgrade wasn’t too tough, but I had some issues with 4.1’s Registration feature. The UI is a little confusing and I kept getting this error whenever I published: Publish…

  • Google Analytics Seminar

    Despite the fact that my photograph leaves much to be desired, it looks like Google has posted news of our Google Analytics training seminar, which will be held on March 25th and 26th in Raleigh. I must admit, it’s a little crazy seeing my mug anywhere on the domain.

  • Funny AdWords Contest

    My co-worker, Mark Curtis, has posted a pretty hilarious article over at the ROI Revolution blog, uncovering some of the world’s most badly-targeted AdWords ads. Take a look and vote on which ones you think are… best? Worst? I dunno.

  • Flickaday

    I stumbled across Flickaday way back in June, and, off and on, I’ve been taking daily webcam photographs of myself. I’m not really sure why I’ve been doing this. I guess I saw Noah K Everyday and thought it might be interesting to see how my face changes, how my hair changes, etc. Is that…

  • Restricting Media Use Over Home Networks

    Great. First, they destroy Internet radio. Now they’re going after the music and movies we actually pay for. From WebTvWire: “The broadcasting industry is keen to put controls on sharing media between devices even if those devices are on a home network and even if the sharing is strictly for personal use. “When pressed as…