Category: Web/Tech

  • Facebook Is Huge

    How do I know? Because my mom is on Facebook. I got an email last night, which she sent out to everyone who was at our annual family vacation. Instead of attaching photos to her email, she just posted them to Facebook and sent out the link. My mom is on Facebook. Very cool. I…

  • Google Analytics and Exact Search Queries

    Update: This data is now available by default within the Google Analytics interface. Just head on over to the Advertising > AdWords > Matched Search Queries report and knock yourself out. My advice? Don’t fiddle around with your GA code to get this data, because it’s built-in now! I just wanted to point out an article…

  • Does Your Wii Make You Sweat?

    Okay, I guess that sounds a little obscene. I’ve been thinking about my lack of an active exercise regime and I think it boils down to one thing: exercise is boring. I was in much better shape during college, when I played organized sports with local leagues. Roller hockey and pick-up football and basketball were…

  • Spammers Now Using Author Names for Recognition

    I opened Gmail this morning and before purging my spam folder, I somehow noticed, amongst the fluff, a name that I recognized. Seems that Australian YA author Garth Nix is now in the spamming business… or spammers are using unique author names to get people to click on their crud. Click here for the full-size.

  • Firefox Extensions

    For the record, here are the Firefox extensions that I cannot live without like to use. I went through a bit of a culling, and realized that while some of the add-ons were desert-island favorites, and others were just kinda cool. This is assuming that the desert island has wireless, of course.