Upgrade and Comment Spam

I’ve upgraded to Movable Type 4.1. I contemplated migrating to WordPress, but decided that the transition was a little too much for a Friday night.
The upgrade wasn’t too tough, but I had some issues with 4.1’s Registration feature. The UI is a little confusing and I kept getting this error whenever I published:
Publish error in template ‘Site JavaScript’: Error in tag: Error in tag: Error in tag: TypeKey authentication is not enabled in this blog. MTRemoteSignInLink can’t be used.
TypeKey authentication was set up, so I’m not sure what the hell MT was talkin’ ’bout. I just disabled the whole Registration authentication dealie and it looks good.
Still having comment spam issues, though, so I’m disabling comments for a few days.
Now I’m going to go watch Battlestar Galactica.


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