CAPTCHA, or Did I?

As previously noted, I spent a good deal of time on Friday and Saturday, updating the blog to MT4. I’m a fan of the interface updates, and it’s nice that comment spam is actually getting rated down again, but I’m still amazed at the number of spam messages that funnel through my site.
Between when I emptied it last night at around 9pm and when I checked this morning at 9am, I got over one thousand spam comments. This is after I added the CAPTCHA, mind you.
Which means that the built-in MT4 reverse Turing test has:

I’ll probably just remove it because it didn’t have any effect whatsoever on stemming the tide. I think my site was open to spammers’ shitty links for a few months, and now they’ve labeled it as a go-to blog for Google juice. Which is retarded, because I’m using nofollows. But far be it from me to know the mind of a comment spammer.
More as the saga continues.


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