I stumbled across Flickaday way back in June, and, off and on, I’ve been taking daily webcam photographs of myself.
I’m not really sure why I’ve been doing this. I guess I saw Noah K Everyday and thought it might be interesting to see how my face changes, how my hair changes, etc. Is that vain, or is it just curiosity?
But it got me thinking… I’m an adult, my face will change very gradually. But Liam, he changes every day. We went to California for a week, and when we got back, I swear he was taller, bigger, older. This little web app has the potential to replace the door jamb measurement system that my parents put in place for me (apply child to door frame, measure their height, rinse and repeat over the years, then get sentimental and sad when you have to move and paint over the whole thing).
I’m gonna give this a go, probably post it on Geekdad.
Anyway, I’ve set up my own Flickaday gadget over to the right in the sidebar. See me in all my bed-headed glory.
Update: I did post this to Geekdad.
Second Update: Ross Lucivero at Flickaday saw my post on Geekdad and mentions it on the Flickaday blog. The Internets are awesome.


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