Sayonara, Kotaku

kotaku_logo.jpgI removed Kotaku from Google Reader this morning. When I opened up the MacBook to check my feeds, there were 156 items. After reading ’til 99 items, I realized that I had skipped every single Kotaku item present. And of the 57 items read, over half were Kotaku authored.

I’m not a hardcore video gamer anymore. While the only “next gen” console I have is the Wii (and some would argue its classification as “next gen”), I’m still interested in news about new games for other systems. On the other hand, I really don’t care about Sales Charts, Australian or otherwise. I’m sure someone does, but it’s not me. On that note, while cute, I typically skip right through clever video-game-themed Jack O’Lanterns and the editors’ daily Night Notes to one another.

And jubblies? Seriously. Couldn’t care less.

I thought a bit about what video game news I actually care about, and I drilled down on the Kotaku site to those categories. And then I tried to add the RSS feed to Google Reader. But that didn’t work. So I searched for feeds, and couldn’t find anything. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place, but I can’t really find a way to only get the posts I care about, and ignore the rest.

So, ’til I can figure that out, I removed the feed. My item count dropped from 99 to 53. Kotaku accounted for almost 50% of my feed reader items.

Which brings me to a point which will require another post later on… there is a happy medium in blogging, between posting a ten page opus once every week, and posting fifty bite-sized snacks every single day.


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