Again, the rain has thwarted my plans. I woke up this morning with such good intentions: to head north to Pilot Mountain for an autumn hike full of beauteous orange-and-gold vistas. Sadly, the sky was gray and told me that thunderstorms were imminent. So, scratch that idea.
Instead, we went to the grocery store. Exciting, I know. Actually managed to keep it to $30. Praise the Bilo Bonus Card. Two more Turkey Tokens, and we get a free bird.
Tonight has been a boring–but pleasant evening–at the homestead. I’m still desperately trying to get the Bachelor Pad comic strip ready. I found out tonight that all my work in Flash–about twenty or twenty-five hours, all in all–is for naught. I’m going to re-install Illustrator and see if maybe I can salvage the vectors.
Even with an extra hour in the day, things just don’t get done, eh?


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