I just changed the oil in my car, and checked all the fluids. I think I have a pretty severe oil leak, and the steering is getting to be very harsh. The ball joints seem all right, but I’m no expert. I am very concerned over this matter, seeing as I have to drive to Wilmington today to see my parents for Christmas.
My dad and I will look at Bessie and we’ll figure out what’s wrong with her. She’s an old car, and I’ve put nearly 80,000 miles on her in the three years that I’ve owned her. If this is her time to go, I suppose I should let her pass into the West.
But that will leave me with no car, which is not a good thing. We’ll see how this develops. As much as I love my 1990 Chrysler LeBaron (not very much, all in all), I think I would prefer something a little less boatish. I used to drive a 1986 Volkswagen GTI, and when I fill up Bessie every three or four days with fuel, I miss that zippy little German. A VW or a Honda, circa 1990, would be perfect. I think I’d be able to service it myself, and not worry that my measley two ton jack is going to crush under its weight and my head will burst like a tomato in the Steward of Gondor’s maw.
I’ve got RotK on the mind. I may get to see it again tomorrow, with my family. Here’s hoping!


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