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I’m just testing out this little LiveJournal client, seeing how it works and whether or not it’s something I should stick with. I suppose it’s cool, typing my junk into a program window as opposed to my browser, but… not that cool.
In less than an hour, I’ll probably be sitting in the svelte velour seats at the local cineplex, Coke Product and overpriced popcorn in hand, as I await the Return of the King. I am very happy, you see. My plan was originally to re-read that section of Tolkien’s magnum opus, but between work and exams, my intentions fell flat. I made it through the Battle of Pelennor Fields, so at least I have that fresh in memory.
I used to work at a theatre. In Durham, I worked for two thankless years at the local Carmike multiplex, snaking my way up the ladder until I presided over fifteen projectors and grew pasty and fat in the darkness of my booth. In reality, most of the “work” I did consisted of splicing out cool frames from movies I liked, and reading lots of issues of ToyFare magazine.
So I know how ridiculously overpriced that popcorn is. It’s probably got the highest profit margin of any other product ever sold. Bulk popcorn is about $10-15 per FIFTY POUNDS. It takes about two OUNCES of popcorn to feed your gaping maw, maybe three if you’re really working at that tub. So, we’ll be stingy and say that they’re buying it for about a cent and a half per ounce. You’re getting about a nickel of product there. I’m terrible with math, but they are charging you about a hundred times the cost to them. And don’t tell me about labor, because I’ve slinged popcorn before. It don’t take much.
Anyway, I’m off to spend my hard-earned lettuce on overpriced popcorn, soda, and a movie that I’ve been waiting to see since I was eight years old!


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