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Michael Harrison lives in Chapel Hill, NC. He works in web development, currently as a support tech for web analytics for a web design firm in Raleigh. He’s also an aspiring writer with zero publications to his name, although he writes for his company’s well-known web analytics blog, and is a contributor to the super awesome Geekdad blog. Michael is happily married and his first child is rapidly turning into an actual human being (was born in August ’06 and the time, she’s a-flyin’). He’s using this blog to dump his thoughts into a reliable bucket so that he may better review them at a later date. Also, he enjoys writing about himself in the third-person.

Questions You Might Have

  1. Why is this blog called “Head Czech”?

    Well, it isn’t. It used to be. It has taken on its proper name, Oldbie.org. See below for more info on that.
    Now, the blog used to go by Head Czech. You see, my nickname in college was “Czech.” This was a result of my fondness for the sport of hockey, and also a result of my heritage. You see, my surname–Harrison–is an Americanization of my paternal grandfather’s family name, which was something along the lines of “Harisymchek” or “Harisimchuk.” No one can quite agree on the spelling. So, upon discussion with some friends, it was decided that “Check” was a good nickname, and that “Czech” was an even better spelling, so… the name stuck.

    No one really calls me Czech anymore. My wife never liked the nickname much, and it hasn’t caught on with the majority of my current friends. Nonetheless, there’s a little part of me that still answers to Czech, and I felt it was a good fit for the title of the blog.

  2. Do you play the piano? I could swear your name sounded familiar

    Yes, I can play, but not very well. You’re probably looking for this guy, who stole my domain. I’m sure he’s a great pianist… bah.

  3. What is “oldbie” anyway?

    Well, it’s the opposite of a “newbie,” or “n00b,” as it were. A friend owned (0wnz0red?) oldbie dot com and was going to transfer it over to my wife and me, but something happened and that domain got snatched up by a squatter. I liked the “oldbie” concept so I just grabbed the next best thing: oldbie.org.
    It’s a measure of my geekiness, more or less. From Time Out to the NES, MU*s to MMOs, I’m a definite oldbie. N00bs beware.

Yeah. That’s about it for now. I’ll add more if they ever come up.


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