Google Reader Loves Me

… And I love Google Reader.
So, last Friday I posted about some issues I was having with Google Reader not displaying my reading list properly. Four hours after my post, Chris Wetherell from the Google Reader team somehow finds my entry and gives me some feedback. He wants to make a “house call,” and offers to help make things right within Reader.
Over the next few days, we correspond back and forth via the comments section of that entry. I sit down at work and initiate the morning ritual: coffee, email, and feeds. Dare I try it?
I do, and all is well with the world. No longer with the pink box of annoyance, my Google Reader slings out my daily dose of content. Many heartfelt thanks to Chris for his assistance this weekend. Never let it be said that Googlers aren’t willing to go the extra mile when it comes to their projects.


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