Worthwhile Weekend

After about six weeks without their weekends, I’ve finally gotten a respite. Let’s tally up, shall we?

  • First, Natania’s grandfather passes away. A weekend spent flying up to Massachusetts for that. Good to see everyone, of course, but not exactly a relaxing time. Plus, we drove back. Four people plus a baby on a fourteen hour drive… not very pleasant.
  • Weekend after that, we went to Scott’s Hill to see my parents. That was fun, of course, but it was Baby Central. Carrie was there, with Audrey, and we had a good time on the boat. Still, travel was involved, thus it was not relaxination to the proverbial max.
  • Then we had some friends stay with us for the weekend. Again, a lot of fun, but even with the best of guests staying in your home, it’s hard to just lounge out in your boxers, wearing your sleeveless Poison t-shirt, drinking strawberry flavored milk while watching Saved By The Bell reruns. Because who wants to do that, right? Other than… you.
  • Weekend 4: Unfortunately, Karen and David’s apartment blew up or some other such nonsense (they had a water pipe burst) and Karen stayed back in Chapel Hill while David ventured forth back to Arizona to deal with everything.
  • Weekend the Fifth: Back to the coast for Baby’s First Father’s Day. A blast! We have a picnic out on the sandbar in Topsail Sound. Dad and I debate the merits of using a viscous timer in the aerial photography rig I’m building for our kite. I spend at least thirty straight minutes away from my computer.
  • Final Weekend: I have to work on Saturday. This effectively means that I do not have a true weekend

So, waking up on Saturday without the fear and foreboding of obligation was a nice touch. Waking up this morning to Liam talking to the dog (mostly informing her of her own name: “Cawwee… Cawee!”) was even better. I knew that my biggest responsibilities for the morning consisted of: make him a bottle, make him laugh a few times before he went back to sleep (kid sleeps ’til ten o’clock, some days), and then take the dog out for a poop. Not bad at all.


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