Free They Might Be Giants Podcast For Kids

Puppet versions of John Flansburgh and John Linnell, of They Might Be Giants
This is very cool! I just posted it to Geekdad, but it’s worth mentioning here, too. In advance of their new kids’ album, Here Come the 123s, perennial geek music favorite They Might Be Giants have a new weekly podcast for kids. I just got the notice from the latest edition of their email newsletter (sign up and you get a bunch of free MP3s!):

See the brand new video "High Five" and then forward the link to your friends with kids!
The new generation of TMBG-lovin’/Barney-not-needin’ kids are counting on you!

TMBG’s "Birdhouse In Your Soul" was the one and only song that would put our geeklet to sleep when he was a newborn, and my wife and I have been listening to them since we were teenagers. We’re all looking forward to the new album, and I can’t say that about some of the other kids’ music that we have to endure.

While we wait, it looks like we’ll have some fun videos to put in the iPod. "High Five," hosted by puppet versions of the two Johns, is fun and
quirky, with a cute song that my kid is already bopping around to. The podcast should be updated on a weekly basis in January.

Click here to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes, or just download the "High Five" video.


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