Custom World of Warcraft Figurines

If you’re looking for something to go with your WoW-engraved MacBook Pro, or perhaps a way to lure the kids out of Azeroth for a few precious moments, FigurePrints may be your answer. This Seattle-based startup will sell you a 3D replica of your favorite World of Warcraft toon for $99.

You just give them your server and character name, and they pull the 3D model from Blizzard’s Armory service. Pick a pose and click the print button, and your statue is assembled by a 3D printer, 1/250th of an inch at a time. It’s touched up by hand, a nameplate is added (not customizable; sorry, HordeKiller434), and the whole thing is mounted inside a glass display case.

Speaking of mounts: that epic Netherdrake you spent hours of your life grinding for? Sorry, but it can’t be included. Neither can your pets.

Apparently the high demand for the service and the amount of time necessary to create each statue means that availability is limited. FigurePrints is handing out new models via a randomized lottery, and the average lead time on getting one delivered looks to be around 30-60 days.

Which means you’ve got plenty of time to grind more epic loot for your figure!

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