Is Captcha’s Moment Passing? | Compiler from

From Paul Adams’ article at Compiler:

As long as processing power, et cetera, is finite, just slowing down the bots is helpful, even if we can’t block them altogether. But of course the bots will evolve, and so will the tests to stop them. There’s no ideal solution. Would you rather be deluged with spam, or have to take a lengthy IQ test every time you post a comment on a blog?

Another reason I felt somewhat guilty about adding the Captcha to my site. Asking someone to type a rather simplistic six character phrase isn’t along the lines of solving complex algebra, but it is a tiny roadblock in what makes blogs stand out from their dead paper progenitors: instant conversation.
How many roadblocks before it just becomes too much of a pain in the ass to deal with?


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  1. Just wondering if the Captcha catches me–or, if you end up seeing this at all.

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