Nostalgia and RL

I finished reading Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One today. I checked it out for the Kindle from the North Carolina Digital Library¬†(which made me feel super cool and “future is now!” and everything, fitting pretty well with the book). I hope Mr. Cline doesn’t mind that I didn’t pay anything for it… It took me […]

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Resources for Reading Out Loud

My wife just finished listening to Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere on audiobook. She’s been gushing all month about how fantastic of a reader Mr. Gaiman is–he narrated the book himself–and how he gets all the accents just right. This is something very important to the two of us, as we both love stories read aloud, but […]

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Steampunk Novel Checklist

My lovely and talented wife, Natania Barron, who is hard at work on her second book–a steampunk novel of sorts called The Aldersgate Cycle–has posted a fairly humorous steampunk novel checklist. So far, it looks like she’s meeting all the right criteria. It really is a wonderful book and I’m really looking forward to where […]

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