Nerdy Christmas

Ho Ho Ho

The holidays are quickly arriving, and a few people have asked about gifts for the family. First and foremost, we appreciate any donations to our son’s school fund. Things are very tight right now with my recent unemployment, but we absolutely cannot afford to take him out of school. He’s doing too well there. Even […]

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Quick Update

Not much to report. I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few days working on some other creative endeavors, namely a new podcast focusing on tabletop games and random geeky banter. It should be ready by next Wednesday, so I’ll post a link when the first episode goes live. In other news, we’re […]

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Nostalgia and RL

I finished reading Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One today. I checked it out for the Kindle from the North Carolina Digital Library (which made me feel super cool and “future is now!” and everything, fitting pretty well with the book). I hope Mr. Cline doesn’t mind that I didn’t pay anything for it… It took me […]

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